Monday, March 11, 2013

Supervisor Larkin Penny-Wise and Dollar Foolish?

Rising to the level of documenting in the Fish Lake Township January meeting minutes, Supervisor Diane Larkin made the “stellar” motion to “purchase ten rolls of stamps before the [price] increase.” On January 27, 2013, the U.S. Postal Service raised its First Class Mail rates by one cent, from $0.45 to $0.46 to mail a one ounce letter. With 100 stamps per roll, and a cost savings of $1.00 per roll, Supervisor Larkin’s timely motion saved Fish Lake Township a whopping $10.00!!

So what was thrifty Supervisor Larkin thinking when the township finally completed paying off the 2001 140H Caterpillar road grader and could begin to save $20,000 per year in equipment payment costs? She voted to get rid of the paid off equipment and purchase a brand new Caterpillar 140M road grader to the tune of $246,025!

Why doesn’t Supervisor Diane Larkin care more about the taxpayers than to be penny-wise and dollar foolish with their money?

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Mike Olson said...

If this Larkin gal is upsetting you so much, I'm wondering why didn't throw your name into the hat this year? If know how to run a township, then lets do it from the township meeting room, not the safety of your desk top. This is what citizens do, they take their own personal time and knowledge and do the very best they can. I salute Mrs. Larkin, she shows that she really cares and is willing to do what she can to better the township. You can't take that away from anyone that steps up, only the ones that shout from afar.