Sunday, August 12, 2012

Can You Imagine?

What if the incumbents were replaced on the Chisago County Board of Commissioners? No more Mike Robinson, George McMahon or Lora Walker. All three commissioners will face tough competition in their bids for re-election to Districts 5, 3 and 1 respectively. Commissioners Robinson and Walker will face a first round of impressive challengers on Tuesday, August 14th, in a primary election intended to narrow the number of candidates to two per district in the November general election. If Commissioners Robinson and/or Walker fail to garner enough votes in Tuesday’s primary election, two new candidates will be listed on the November ballots for their districts. Because only two candidates signed up for District 3, Commissioner McMahon will face his challenger in the November general election.

Can you imagine the Chisago county board room filled with three new faces? The possibilities of a new era of functional county government are limitless.


Anonymous said...

Mike Robinson really faced some impressive challengers. And kicked their a**es. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mike, the people have spoken, again. Mike stands up for his district, he attends the monthly City & Township meetings and both updates them and shows an interest in their concerns, unlike in district 1. Districts, cities and townships should have a solid representative, that's part of their job.